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We are two french chef, sharing their secrets to cook you own parisian-like food.

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The French cuisine is considered one of the most refined and elegant cuisines of the world. It is characterized by its extreme diversity, and the quality of this locale products. The french chef have invented among the centuries hundred of new dishes, and cooking technics, which are now spread (and recognized) all arround the world.

Each region of France has its own characteristic cuisine (Burgundy, Provence, Britanny etc..), with influence coming from their local agricultur and local habits. Here are several examples :

  • Burgundy is famous for its wines but also for slugs, snails of Burgundy.
  • Alsace is influenced by German quell, is based on bacon, pork, sausages, beer and cabbage, the most famous specialty is sauerkraut, prepared with cabbage, white wine, juniper, sausages and pork.
  • Normandy is famous for its apples, with which is produced the famous liqueur, Calvados.
  • SudOuest (Southwestern ) cuisine uses goose fat, goose liver, porcini mushrooms and armagnac; the regional dish is cassoulet, a daube prepared with goose legs cooked at low temperature in oil (confit d’oie), sausages and white beans
  • Corsican cuisine uses olive oil, chestnut flour, cheeses and cold cuts.
  • and tens of others regions : Auvergne, Paris, Val-de-Loire, Franche-Compte, Lorraine, Aquitaine etc..

And immense is the gastronomic heritage of cheese (goat cheese, cow cheese, Comte, Morbier, Brie, Camenbert) and of excellence this wine (Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux) of France. And last, France is very well known for his patesserie, such as the Croissant, the Crème Brûlée, the Crêpes, the Pain au Chocolat.

This is all these french spirits that we will try to share among these recipes.

From Paris, world best cooking experts, with love 😘